Some key SDSS products still rely on data stored in a subversion (a.k.a. SVN) repository. The full list of SVN repositories with data used by SDSS can be found on but a few that are key to SDSS pipelines are highlighted here.


While SDSS is transitioning to a robotic fiber positioning system, DR18 contains newly released plate data. The platelist repository contains a wealth of data about all SDSS plates, including everything from input targets to plugmaps from when the plate was observed.


The elodie repository contains a set of high and medium-resolution stellar spectra from Prugniel+, 2001. These are used by the BOSS idlspec2d pipeline’s spec1d analysis code to classify stars and determine a limited set of stellar parameters.


Similarly to platelist, the speclog repository contains supplementary files for SDSS plates. It includes the post plugging plugmaps, measurements from the guider images, and exposure header fix file.


The specflat repository contains the master calibration files and bad pixel masks utilized by the BOSS idlspec2d pipeline.


The dust repository contains a number of dustmaps, including the SFD dust maps used by the BOSS idlspec2d pipeline.

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