SDSS Access provides a convenient way of navigating local and remote filesystem paths from the Science Archive Server (SAS). sdss_access uses the SDSS Tree product for all path look-ups. sdss_access is pip installable:

pip install sdss-access

Full documentation is hosted on Read The Docs. The source code is managed on GitHub.

Downloading Files

sdss_access provides Python utilities for downloading files from the SAS. In addition to Python urllib, there are also utilities that wrap rsync and curl. Examples and more details can be found on the official documentation.

Note that sdss_access organizes data in a local version of the SAS; if the SAS_BASE_DIR environment variable is not specified sas/ will be created in your home directory.

Accessing Public Data

sdss_access easily downloads public data with no additional configuration.

Accessing Proprietary Data

sdss_access can be configured to access proprietary data for members of the SDSS colloboration. See the documentation for details.

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