Data Release 18

DR18 is the first data release for the fifth phase of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-V). Its content is described in detail on the DR18 data release paper Almeida et al. (2023).

DR18 includes the following:

Access to the DR18 data products is described on this page, while the Black Hole Mapper and Milky Way Mapper data pages offer more detailed descriptions of the data products, as well as caveats.

Previous SDSS Data Releases

For previous SDSS data releases (including final SDSS-IV Data Release 17), please visit the SDSS-IV data pages. These pages contains descriptions, data access information, tutorials and caveats for the following completed SDSS surveys:

And if you are interested in reading more about how SDSS data releases are produced, a short overview is given in this conference proceeding.

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