For Collaboration Members

Welcome to the SDSS Collaboration!

The information here and on the linked pages is for SDSS members who are new to the collaboration. Follow these simple steps to be able to:

  • Join mailing lists, where important information such as project and paper announcements, ancillary targeting calls, survey meeting details, job opportunities, and other things are announced.
  • Announce your own SDSS projects and publications
  • Join the discussion of ongoing decisions within the collaboration
  • Find information on proprietary data available to the collaboration members.

Not an SDSS member, or only interested in making the most of the current public data? Check out SDSS-V’s current data release!


Getting a Wiki Account

Much of the scientific and collaborative activity in SDSS-V takes place on the internal wiki. To get a wiki account, visit this help page of the SDSS wiki and complete all the steps.

  • Note that to receive access to the wiki and data, you must be a member* of an SDSS-V affiliate institution, be an approved External Collaborator, or be an approved External Participant.
    • *Member here means enrollment at the institution (for students) or affiliation with 50% or more of one’s salary coming from the institution.
  • You may look up your CoCo representative on the Collaboration Council page. If your institution is not listed there, then you may be at an associate institution (with <3 member slots), in which case you can reach out to the “at large” CoCo members representing those. If you are still not sure of your membership status or CoCo representation, please contact the SDSS-V Spokesperson at
  • If you move to an institution that is not an SDSS-V affiliate, please contact and explain the situation so that we can determine whether your wiki access can continue. If you have received Continuing External Collaborator status for the period after your move, be sure to mention that in your message.

SDSS password for Data Access

To download proprietary data, you will need the SDSS-V data username and password. To get this, please ask your Collaboration Council rep, someone else at your institution who is involved in SDSS-V, anyone on a telecon that you are participating in, etc. (note: it will not be sent by email). This password is for SDSS members and other officially approved people only. So please do not give to unapproved individuals (such as anyone without a wiki account).

What to do once you have a Wiki Account

Once your wiki account request is approved, you’ll receive an email notification that includes several links to valuable guides and information to get you started doing great SDSS science. At a minimum, you should plan to sign up to the main SDSS-V mailing list and visit the top-level “How to Collaborate” wiki guide [internal wiki link].

If You Still Have Problems

By following the above instructions, you should quickly be immersed in data and ideas. If you are having trouble accessing the wiki, mailing lists, working groups, etc, and the suggested steps are not helping, please email your CoCo representative or the Spokesperson at, and they will help you straighten things out.

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